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tv   CNN Sunday Morning  CNN  October 10, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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if you want to lose weight, make sure you're getting enough sleep, one of the first important steps in your weight loss goals. if you missed any of the show, check out or set your dvr, 7:30 a.m. eastern. remember, this is the place for the answers to all of your medical questions. thanks for watching. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. more news on cnn starts right now. good morning, north korea putting on a show for the world. we'll tell you what and in particular who they want you to see. also, several college students end up in the hospital after a party where someone spiked their drinks. police say the victims, they are victims of a scheme to render them unconscious and defenseless. details about that coming up. right now from the cnn center, this is "your cnn sunday
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morning," 8:00 a.m. in georgia, 7:00 a.m. in fayetteville, wherever you may be. good morning, i'm t.j. holmes. let me get you caught up on headlines right now. we could see the first of those trapped miners above ground by wednesday. you know the story now, these 33 trapped miners in chile, trapped for some 66 days. they are completing the shaft. they were able to break through yesterday to get to the mine where the men are. now is the process of making sure everything is in place so they can get the capsule down and pulling the men up. again, wednesday is when we expect to see the first miner come out. also, intelligence officials tell us eight people have been killed in a suspected drone strike. these missiles were fired on a house in northwest pakistan. this is an area that has been the target of drone attacks. the dead are said to be suspected militants. also, eight people are under arrest, and police are still looking for a ninth person in a string of hate crime attacks in
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new york. police there say up to nine suspect beat three victims, sodomizing two of them. a fourth victim was beaten and robbed. let me get you back to north korea now. of course that country represents a major foreign policy challenge for the united states. now the family that has run the communist country for some 62 years appears ready to pass control over to a new generation. a new generation that, like the previous two, will likely defy u.s. foreign policy and possibly defy the world. the current threat -- nuclear weapons. a secretive country like north korea, image, of course, counts for a whole lot. it wants to portray itself as a major player on the world stage. so today, the father, kim jong-il, current leader of that country, put his son on display, constitution jong-un. front and central at a major military parade in celebration honoring the 65th anniversary of the workers party. we have been covering this event today.
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we have -- we saw the parade and festivities. the younger son, eventual front and stage. we have mike on the phone, one of the foremost experts on north korea. he joins me on the phone. good to have you once again. a lot of people are keeping a close eye on what's happening in north korea right now. if you have a different leader, does that mean you're going to have different policies coming out of that country? mike? >> well, i think in the near term, basically, things are going to remain pretty much as they are. but there are some intruing straws in the wind. the nancy haorth koreans have designated 2012, the 100th anniversary of the father of kim jong-il, the first, as sort of a target year to make north korea into a strong and prosperous nation. and the nancy say that with their nuclear capability they
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are already strong. talk is now beginning to shift to prosperous. some experts believe that may mean that the north is going to start with chinese-style economic reforms, although much more limited variety because the north koreans know their economy's in a mess and they've got to find some ways to fix it. that's one of the things people are going to be watching, is to whether this changing leadership situation will lead the north koreans to try and do something different with their very, very sick economy. >> mike, i know we don't know a whole lot about the youngest son now. the one widely believed to be the one in line to take over for king jong-il, but are there indication that's he could be an independent thinker who wants to take the country in ative direction? also he's being groomed. we don't know how much time he'll have in this apprenticeship. could we just have a different leader, a different figurehead, but still the old guard behind him and directing things?
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>> i think the new face, same system. no question except that the north koreans under a lot of pressure from the chinese who are their only allies to try and do something with their economy. there have been intriguing hints as this leadership transition process that in the last couple of weeks that the north koreans would like to reengage diplomatically with the united states. they've promoted two officials who were deeply associated with communications with the u.s. over the last 15 years or so to more senior position. i think on the one hand this parade, this political theater is designed to project an image to counter all the outside speculation that north korea is in such a state that it might collapse. at the same time, some intriguing hints they'd like to reengage and the question is is there going to be any sign from washington of a willingness to explore that.
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>> all right. mike chinoy, from the u.s.-china institute. we appreciate you as always. thank you very much. want to turn back to politics now in this country. we are counting down to the critical midterm election. in 23 days, people heading to the polls. political director paul steinhowser is ahead of the president's visit. >> reporter: good morning i'm with the cnn election express in pennsylvania. and later today somebody a lot bigger than me is coming to pennsylvania. i'm talking about the president, barack obama. he will be joined by vice president joe biden. they'll be in philadelphia for a rally. what they're trying to do is incite democratic voter to go to the polls on november 2. battle for governor, battle for senate, a bunch of house races that are very tight, as well. republicans think they can make a clean sweep in the state and feel if they do that they may win back control of congress. that's what's going on here in pennsylvania. back to you. >> thanks as always to our paul
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ste steinhauser. monday the president will host an economic meeting at the white house. later he'll travel to miami for democratic campaign events. tuesday the president will host a moving america forward town hall meeting at george washington university. thursday, he'll host a youth town hall that will be live on mtv, b.e.t., and cmt. friday, the president and vice president, both of them heading to wimbled to wilmington, delaware. and saturday he will be in boston for, you guessed it, another campaign event. then sunday, the president the and first lady traveling to cleveland and columbus for what? campaign events. it is that time of year, folks. coming up here, tormented through school and now finally talking. we'll tell you what happened when students and some teachers opened up on bullying. also, superheroes, aliens descend on the city. the annual comic con convention. announcer: if we all lived here
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nine minutes past the hour. now a great football sudden. great college football saturday. >> huge, huge, huge. >> weather cooperated for the most part in those games. they had a few issues, like you said would happen in the pacific northwest. >> yeah, but come on. if you happen to play for the oregon ducks or you're an organization state beaver or husky, you use the rain. they're outdoor stadiums, that's what you're dealing with. that was the situation in
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washington yesterday. the rain still falling. we'll head to the weather maps and show it is still coming down in a torrent as we speak. the reason why is we have a storm system brewing off the gulf of alaska. all of that is bringing in pacific moisture. but it's not just the rain, it's also some strong winds at the same time, dealing with heavy surf along the coastline. as we pull to the east, scattered showers along the central plains, north of cheyenne. seeing raindrops. toward boulder, a little tell-tale sign of snowfall. then when you leave parts of the central plains and rockies and head to the northeast, precipitation is right above the u.s.-canadian border. the big story in the northeast is the blue stuff you see, the area where we have a frost and freeze warning in effect. temperatures above the freezing point. then by the afternoon, we'll be back in the 60s and 70s. it's going to be much warmer in the southeast and possibly by tomorrow. we could be getting very close to the high of 88 in atlanta. in fact, some places may get into the 90s for tomorrow. for today, main lly 80s.
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plenty of sunshine, texas, louisiana. something else you'll notice, more of a breeze from the south. it's going to transfer some of the gulf moisture on shore. which is not going to give you much in terms of rainfall, but the humidity, yes. that is definitely going to be felt. plenty of sunshine over the four corners, in the rockies. we were talking about the snowfall. something else we've got, cool temperatures, denver, 61, the expected high by the afternoon. beautiful day in boulder. drive up and check out some of the fall colors. salt lake city, 70 degrees. 86 in los angeles. 83 in kansas city. 81 in minneapolis. 87 in houston. 89 for new orleans. if you're making the trip right into parts of the northeast, 66 in boston, the high in new york, 69. miami, 86 degrees. that's a quick snapshot of the forecast. t.j.? more coming up ahead, folks. we're so glad you're with us. you're watching cnn, welcome home. i know the best card you're holding.
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♪ okay. we can go ahead and leave that up because this video is incredible. have you seen this yet? >> no. >> okay. just take a look at what we're seeing here. and you'll see why the video goes along with this. first of all, why would you set yourself on fire might be your first question. next question is going to be, why would you set yourself on
8:14 am
fire, then jump out a window. >> still waiting for answers. >> yes, we are. look at this. this video has gone viral. this is off of youtube, where else. but this clearly looks like the part of an elaborate stunt. this is from a company called brand x. group of stuntmen and directors, base jumpers, as well. now it looks like this could end up in a movie somewhere. like this really looks like a stunt for a movie. but apparently these guys do this stuff for sport. >> do you find it perplexing that roughly ten years ago there wasn't a youtube, but now with the magic of modern technology, stupidity can be shown worldwide with just the click of a mouse. it is amazing. it is impressive, absolutely. but come o setting yourself on fire and throwing yourself out of a building? >> you know, this is what these guys do. these stunt guys. >> they do it well. >> they do it well. i mean, it didn't seem like you should have to say don't try this at home. but we'll put the disclaimer in anyway. it looks like -- maybe the covering he had was to just
8:15 am
protect his face. but it looked like a -- what's his name? michael myers or something from the horror movie. look at this. incredible video. it's slowed down and everything. you're seeing the whole scene. yeah, just something we thought we'd though you on youtube. we're trying to get more details about exactly why, but these guys, group of stunt guys, directors. >> you think that it's something that stays with you? we all remember the first time we rode a bicycle without training wheels or had the first dance. do you remember the first time that you jump out of a building that's 22 stories high, set on fire? you wonder, is that one you take to your grave? >> the guy's a base jumper but spiced it up with the fire. >> certainly does. we've got more video you'll enjoy, as well. >> oh, good. >> you called a little stupid identity that one. i don't know what you would call this one. >> gumby! that's gumby in green! >> who's on the right then? >> i don't know. >> that's actually katie linendahl, one of our tech contributors, dancing with gumby. a lot of people will recognize
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this -- i had to get it straight. we had the dragon con here in atlanta not long ago. this is comic con taking place in new york this weekend. we know by now people celebrate comic books and characters and dressed up like those comic book characters. ♪ >> they just have a blast. >> it's like a party at t.j.'s house. check it. i'm serious. it's good times. >> invited you over under secrecy. you had a vow of silence, you're going to put me out like that. >> good times. >> no. want to share the pictures. dragon con is a celebrate of what again? the science fiction. science fiction enthusiasts. this is comic books. >> green lantern, spider man, superman. >> that stuff. >> yeah. >> 16 past the hour. we'll get our conventions straight. [ female announcer ] introducing splenda® no calorie sweetener granulated with fiber. sweet! [ female announcer ] tastes like sugar and has 3 grams of fiber per tablespoon. use it almost anywhere you use sugar. even in cooking and baking.
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get used to more. ♪ enough plastic water bottles to stretch around the earth over 190 times. each brita filter can take up to 300 of those bottles out of the equation. now north korea today putting on a show for the world.
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north korea represent, of course, a major foreign policy challenge to the united states now. the family that has run the communist country for some 62 years appears ready to pass control over to a new generation. our elina cho attended the celebrations today that also served as a coming out party. >> reporter: good evening from kim il-sung square here in the center of pyongyang. tonight the north koreans are holding a sweoiree, the third event in 24 hours, officially marking the 65th anniversary of the founding of the workers party of north korea. make no mistake, what this is in effect is an elaborate coming out party for the man who will be the next leader of north korea, kim jong-un. son of the ailing leader, kim jong-il. take a look behind me. it is pure pageantry. the colors, the choreography. literally thousands of dancer,
8:20 am
men and women dancing to north korean propaganda music. there were fireworks earlier, as well. and earlier in the day, right here in kim il-un square there was a show of military personnel and military might. the tanks, the missiles, the shoulder-fired rockets. clearly a show of the military strength that this country has. remember, this is a country the size of portugal, the size of the u.s. state of mississippi, and yet it still has one of the largest standing armies in the world. the media, we should mention, has been invited as guests. about 100 of us from around the world. but make no mistake, the guest of honor -- guests of honor tonight are in the balcony, kim
8:21 am
jong-il and his son, heir apparent, kim jong-un. cnn, north korea. taking a look at some of the stories that are making headlines today. there had been an arrest in the stabbing of an 8-year-old boy. this happened in long island. police say this was a completely random act at a dave and buster's. a man went up and just started stabbing an 8-year-old boy. that boy, now, has a punctured lung. also, turn to space now and the soyuz. the russian soyuz spacecraft has now docked with the international space station. this was a first in that this was an automated docking procedure. first time they had done this. nasa says it went pretty well. actually said it was flawless. the first use of the new soyuz craft to take place here. now we have an american astronaut on board, two russians who are adding to the crew of the space station. up to six now. also, some sad news for a lot of music fans out there. soul singer solomon burke is dead at the age of 70. he a member of the rock 'n' roll
8:22 am
hall of fame died while on tour in europe.
8:23 am
cnn is spotlighting bullying in schools. we're examining what causes it, what can be done to stop it. our cnn student anchor, carl azou, a friend giving us insight from students and teachers. student, they willing to open up and talk about this? some kids wouldn't want to ad any tharpe being bullied -- admit that they were being bullied. >> i would say they were on our
8:24 am
blog at there's anonymity to it. we only accept first names. kids can log on and tell us their experience as a bully or being bullied. we ran into trouble in atlanta getting kids to talk about it on camera. that was important because they didn't want to be seen and heard discussing bullying. there were discussions. anderson cooper sat down with stance and spoke with them, and we had an ireport sent in from a class in ohio. they're "student news" viewers. i want you to take a listen to what one of her students said about bullying, about why it's so widespread. take a listen. >> i think if you think about it everybody's bullied someone at some point in time. whether it's shoving someone into a looker or calling somebody a name. so yes, i have bullied someone. >> and that's part of the reason why i think it's difficult to put a defining on what exactly bullying is because what is it? is it shoving someone interest a
8:25 am
looker? is it more punitive like we've seen in cyber-bullying? it's a brad thi-- a broad thing and there's not optimism that it's going to go away. >> is that how they feel, it's part of growing up, you have to deal with it? >> that's what kids are telling us. what we've seen on our blog from students is this is something that, you know, regardless of what's done on behalf of schools or administration or something like that, they just don't feel like they're going to wake up one morning and there aren't going to be any more bullies. and as far as how it makes them feel, i haven't seen anyone phrase it as well as another student from mrs. species' class in ohio. >> it makes you feel like you have a bottomless pit in your stomach, like you're always worried about when the bully's going to come and pick on you and stuff. and it feels like nobody wants to help you. they want to side with the bully. >> one thing they're dealing with, t.j., that you and i didn't have some school is cyber-bullying. there were always kids who picked on other kids or people who insulted other kids,
8:26 am
something like that. now with the internet, there's a lot of fear among students that something's going to be posted about me on line and it's not going to go -- >> the way it sounded with that young lady, it sounds like you're constantly living on edge. worried about the bully coming around the corner. or showing up on line. are kids any different today than we were or kids before us? is it just -- they're not really meaner kids is what i'm trying to ask. it's just they have a different mean of bullying that can seem a lot meaner. >> i think, you know, i think bully's been around as long as schools have. no question about that. i think there are some thing today's kids deal with that you and i didn't. there's some elements in terms of the internet, cyber-bullying and the fear that something on youtube that's not taken down is going to be there ten years from now when they go to look for jobs. so i think that's a concern that's in the back of their minds that you and i didn't have to deal with. that's what makes it a little more difficult, i think, for these kids. >> you know, with those wonderful tools, computers and everything kids have that can help them study and everything else, there's still downsides to
8:27 am
all the technology. thanks. i know you'll be covering this all week, with the bullying. you were front and center on it, as well. we appreciate you as always, buddy. >> thank you, t.j. appreciate it. we'll turn to a story of a mass overdose at a college house party. about a dozen people, most of them young women, have to head to the hospital. police say they may have been targeted in a sexual assault scheme. i see a lot of teeth that look great... until i look at the gumline. the problem is, you could have plaque along your gumline that can lead to gingivitis. in fact, one in two adults actually has gingivitis and might not even know it. that's why i recommend new crest pro-health clinical gum protection toothpaste. it helps remove plaque at the gumline, helping prevent gingivitis. and it's even been clinically proven to help reverse it... in just four weeks. it also protects these other areas dentists check most. new crest pro-health clinical toothpaste. for healthier gums. no calorie sweetener granulated with fiber.
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. hey there, everybody, bottom of the hour here now. welcome back to the "cnn sunday morning," i'm t.j. holmes. glad you could be here. take a look now at some of the stories that are making headlines. look at that. that is what north korea wants you and the rest of the world to see today. a huge celebration there.
8:31 am
celebrating 65 years of their ruling workers party there. and it's also a coming out party for the youngest son of the north korean leader, kim jong-il that youngest son is expected to take the reins from his father at some point. also we'll turn to northwest pakistan now where today a suspected drone attack killed at least four people. the four are believed to be militants, intelligence officials say. three or four missiles were fired at the a house in northern waziristan. also, it could be wednesday when we see the first trapped miner in chile on the surface for a change. they have been trapped nearly half a mile underground there in chile since august 5. they are expected to be spending their last days. yesterday, a major milestone and a breakthrough when they literally broke through the mine, where the drilling had been taking place for some time. the drill broke through, so now what they need to do is put a capsule down and start plucking men out one by one. turn to washington state now where someone, according to
8:32 am
police, slipped drugs into the drinks of young people at a party. 12 of them had to go to the hospital. now according to many of the kids who were there, they believe they were drugged with the date-rape drug known as roofies. one of the people who went to the hospital still in the hospital. the rest were able to go home. our affiliate komo reports the incident has students on alert at central washington university. everybody's scared to go anywhere. even if it's close to campus. >> reporter: carrie lany sticks close to friends as they walk as a group. the school had meetings reminding student to be careful and letting them know where they can get help during emergencies. >> it scares me, honestly it scares me to go anywhere. if they drug you, you don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: 12 young women didn't know what happened friday night. they drank some cups inside this house at a party 30 miles off campus, and overdosed on a drug that's mixed in their drinks. at first everything was okay. >> people were having fun, and then all of a sudden all the
8:33 am
girls were puking everywhere. girls were outside like on their back. and people were so drunk they didn't know what to do. >> reporter: police say some of the women only had one or two cups. >> we suspect that, again, that these drugs were introduced to these students probably without their knowledge. >> reporter: some people at the party tell us that they believe the drinks were mixed with a powerful date-rape drug called roofies. >> they were roofied, so they were roofied, falling down, their drinks were going everywhere. we were picking them up. i carried about four people downstairs. >> reporter: some women drove one of their friends to a nearby parking lot at a grocery store and called police saying their friend was unconscious. when police showed up at the house, around 50 other college freshmen and teens were either passed out or highly intoxicated. medics drove 12 people to the hospital. most have been treated and released. police are determined to find out who laced the drinks and what drug was used. >> we knew immediately it was roofies, and we like were trying to investigate who did it. but we couldn't figure it out. >> reporter: some students told me they're keeping their guard
8:34 am
up. >> i definitely wouldn't go out without my group of people. >> the police chief said when officers arrived they thought it was obvious that the drugging had a sexual motive behind it. >> as this morning we had three remaining in the hospital. two have since been released. and that individual that was in critical has been upgraded to stable and is conscious and alert. >> why would you get the idea that this was sexual in nature? >> well, what made it sexual is as the officers were sweeping the house for additional victims, one of the members of the sheriff's department walked in and actually observed an individual, male individual engaged in sexual activity with a semi unconscious female. so that's where the sexual assault had occurred. >> and that was the only person who of believed to be sexually assaulted, or were there were victims at the hospital believed to be sexually assaulted? >> no. no indication of any other
8:35 am
situations or incidents similar to that, no. >> you heard there what the officers saw when they came in. it turned out later that one individual that they saw having sex with a young woman who seemed semi unconscious, he was held and questioned. but it turned out that that was actually his girlfriend that he was with at that party at the time. 11 of the 12 people hospitalized were women. coming up, for gays and lesbians, the coming out process can be difficult, emotional. their parents can face difficult challenges, as well. >> how do you tell your friends, how do you tell your family, how do you tell everybody that's involved? and how will they take that information? >> well, a new tool we're going to share with you to help parent get answers. [ male announcer ] we went to germany's nurburgring to challenge ourselves on the most demanding track in the world. with us, in spirit, was every great car that we'd ever competed with.
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like parmesan shrimp in a buttery garlic sauce. and after that, you can do it all again. it's endless shrimp. indulge in endless servings of your favorite shrimp dishes.
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i assume you're going to be tackling this in a major way. how many more twists and turns can we have in this last 23 days? you think you figure something out, and here comes another twist. >> exactly. remember october surprise. part of the political lexicon. so the democrats are hoping the surprise is that the polls really narrow. obviously they've been looking since the beginning this year at very, very bad poll numbers at an election that looks like historically and statistically is working against them. they see a closing of the polls. republicans toss it off and say, listen, there's a natural closing in the final months before an election. people are paying attention,
8:39 am
they make up their minds. democrats hope that this is the start of a trend and that they can at least if not win seats because no one really expects that they're going to win -- net win seats, at least not lose as many. >> all right. and give us perspective here. you have seen plenty of midterm elections. and the party in power, we know, who has the white house at least oftentimes will lose seats. so how have you -- how would you compare this president's level of campaign activity to past presidents in the midterms when they're not so popular if you were leading into a midterm? >> i think this president has pretty much followed along the lines of others. if you're not popular in certain regions doesn't mean you can't raise money for the candidate. and what the white house is looking for now and what the democratic leadership on capitol hill is looking for is to retain the majority. so they have pretty much given their democratic members cart blanche, do what you have to do to get elected. if that means i stay out of your district, okay. they are putting as much mona they can into it, and the
8:40 am
president is always, no matter what his poll numbers are, the president is always a party's best fundraiser. that's what this president's been able to do, as well as go into doctors where he's popular. you've seen his outreach to young people when he gets the humongous crowds. he's hoping they'll look back at the good old days of 2008 and get to the polls as they did for him in 2008. >> you know, very good point to make. he doesn't have to be front and center to help these candidates. he can just have a little reception and raise money for them, quite frankly. candy, thank you. i notice you also have former cia director michael hayden, talking about the recent travel alerts that we have been seeing. candy, thank you as always. good to see you. >> thank you. have a good sunday. >> thank you, thank you. and it continues. you can see candy crowley in 20 minutes from now, 9:00 eastern time, 6:00 pacific. candy crowley, "state of the union."
8:41 am
8:42 am
a special "faces of faith" the for you today. a family struggles with their own faith after their son tells them that he is gay. in the end, they embrace their son, even posted their experience on line to help others in a system lar situation. cnn's julie peterson has this morning's "faces of faith." how do i tell them, how are they going to react? >> reporter: adam ellis remembers how he. when he came out to his parents 12 years. he was 16, and he was scared. >> i knew deep down that they would never stop loving me. but i also knew just knowing from society and knew that it would be tough on them, it would
8:43 am
be a struggle. >> reporter: it would become a struggle for the whole family. >> that night he came in from a party and sat down. conversation went on and he said, "mom, i'm gay." he broke down. and then of course i get up, and i hug him and go, "i have to go get your dad." >> when you're faced with that information, all you can see is your whole life change. because you don't know where once the domino starts to fall, where does it quit going? how do you tell your business partner? how do you tell your friends? how do you tell your family? how do you tell everybody that's involved? and how will they take that information? >> reporter: for three years, the family kept it a secret as they tried to come to terms with things. >> it was a long, long struggle. >> it was. >> and see, i think through the thing which most moms do, what did i do to cause this. i spent many, many nights praying to god to give me a second chance. >> reporter: patty says through prayer, soul searching, and meeting other parents with gay children she and her husband
8:44 am
were able to make peace with things. then they went through their own coming out process, talking openly to family and friends. >> that has to be the most empowering thing is that we held that secret for so long, and then people have power over you because you're trying to contain this information. >> i finally came out, and i came out with both doors bursting because that's my personality. >> reporter: nine years ago, patty started a web site for families with gay children. >> this one starts off, i just wanted to thank you and your family for sharing your story. >> reporter: she's answered thousands of messages. >> we've received emails from people all over the world. i serious low have gotten them from india. i've gotten them from australia. i go get them from england. most are from mom and dads in a small town all over america. they think they did something wrong, and all of this -- it keeps them in the closet when their child came out, they went in. >> reporter: so much has changed for the ellis family. the one thing that has not --
8:45 am
>> i cared for him from the moment they put him in my arms when he was born. and i said, that's not going to change ever, for any reason whatsoever. he's too good a kid. always has been. but you it makes me so -- >> but it mikakes me so gratefu that i have parents that i do. almost undeserving. >> reporter: julie peterson, cnn. >> the two folks you see featured, patty and also adam ellis, they are here with me now live in studio. guys, thank you so much for being in here with us. an important conversation to have. you all have experience you can certainly lend to folks. thank you very much. that was how many years ago you came out to your parents now? >> seven. >> '97. where is the family now compared to where they were then, immediately after you came out and even in the years after, how is the family now you would you say? >> a lot of people think when they see the web site that, you know, i came out and they've just accepted me as was. if they had another web site, they may think there was a
8:46 am
little struggle. but it took -- it was a good three years probably before i -- when i got to college i think is when they finally really started to turn around. >> we are really good, though, no, t.j. we're a good family. and i do believe because of that struggle we're a better family. we're -- we understand that you just -- you have to love each other. you're a family and you have to stick together. >> i assume it was a tight-knit family beforehand. everything was just fine. how difficult of that for you as a mother to essentially see your family implode in a way? >> well, you know, as a mom we kind of just keep that nest together. and i'm not going to let it implode. however, he saw the struggle we were going through. it put the strain on my younger son, who is in middle school at that time. and i'm sorry -- he was not. he was younger than that even. but we just -- you constantly have to keep working it.
8:47 am
and remembering that this is a family, and this is my son. and this is my other son. we just have to keep pulling it together. >> very religious family, would you describe yourselves as? >> we were church-going people, yes, we were, absolutely. >> how much did that play into the difficulty of trying to interpret or explain what was going on with your son through your religion in was that a big part of the strain? >> i don't think so at all. i think it was more of a community aspect. i don't think that there was any sort of i guess a doubt on the religious aspect. it was more the community accepting it in that way. >> let me just say this. there was never, everyone time that i ever doubted that my -- that god loved my son and loved my family ever. that was never -- what i did have to question, though, is how are we going to navigate in this world. and, you know, every sunday you knew -- you knew what was being taught in the churches. this is my son, there must be
8:48 am
another truth that i don't know. and that was our search, was to find out what is really going on. >> now, why -- i think i heard in the piece, you kept it still secret from the community for, what, three years or something afterwa afterward? why did you feel that was necessary to do? are we still in that day and age -- or was that a different time even? you think it would be different now? >> i think things are a little different. but at the same time, though, when you live in those -- in the suburbs and you live in a small community where your church is your community, your church is your social outlet, then, yes, it's a little hard to deal with because you know what's being taught inside the church. and you don't really have a church to lean on at that point. >> and you see the bullying that's going on. that's still going on now. and i think it's a timely thing that we're even talking about it now because -- i've dealt with that, too. and not even being out at that time. >> what is the recommendation, the advice you would give right now? you know there are plenty of young people out there in the same position as you were at that time. we just had the story, you mentioned, adam rutgers, the
8:49 am
young man killed himself. what are we supposed to do and what would you tell those young people to make them feel comfortable so they don't have to suffer in silence and, god forbid, do what that young man did. >> there's a campaign of it gets better. i've seen things on youtube with that. that's what i could say is is t does get better. you get out of that small shell of whoever these people are around you, there's a bigger world that is -- there is an tenning world out there. >> last thing, i want you to give the name of the web site where people can go and give a description of it. i want to make sure people know where they can check this out. >> it's and if you missed that, it's dot-net, dot-org, we have them all. it's familyacceptance. the story of our family when adam came out and showed what we did and how we handled it in hopes that other families will not feel alone and they will know that you're going to be okay. and that's really what it's about. >> guys, again, patty and adam
8:50 am
ellis, we appreciate you coming in here and sharing the story. i know you've been sharing the story for a while now. like i said, awfully timely given what we have been seeing and being a part of our "faces of faith" today. thank you very much, and congratulations to your family with the success certainly that you have had. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. it's 49 past the hour. let's. let's do some little things... that help us save big. add some insulation here. a little weather stripping there. maybe an energy star-rated appliance, or two. let's save money on the things that keep saving money. that way, we can turn a little energy into a lot of savings. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. we're lowering the cost of staying at room temperature with owens corning insulation -- just $10.44 per roll.
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those miners who have been trapped underground for more than two months are just a few days away from being back above ground. the first of the 33 men could be hoisted up starting wednesday. we report from outside the mine in northern chile. [ cheers ] >> reporter: this is the news they've all been waiting for. [ cheers ] >> reporter: breakthrough. a rescue shaft finally drilled half a mile deep to the 33 trapped miners. [ bell ] >> reporter: this bell sounds the moment. 8:05 a.m. on a barren hillside overlooking
8:54 am
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taking a look at some of the stories making headlines today. big celebration taking place today in north korea. they've had a show of military force with the military parade and also the pageantry here of the festival that took place. this is to celebrate the 65th anniversary of that country and its workers party. its ruling workers party. it was also a coming out party for the youngest son of the


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